Vox Silentii: Passio Sanctarum Filiarum: Medieval Chants for Female Saints

fok9it The medieval chants collected here have the common theme of being dedicated to female saints …

… it’s appropriate, then, that a women’s ensemble should be performing them. Finnish group Vox Silentii consists of two singers, Johann Korhonen and Hikka-Liisa Vuori, with exceptionally pure and supple voices.

The vocal group Vox Silentii was founded in 1992. The singers believe the human voice is a bridge to a world you cannot see and the heavenly connection gives you silence and peace. This is their fourth recording on the Proprius label and was recorded in the Naantali Church outside Turku in the south-western part of Finland. The acoustics in that particular church – together with the human voice – form an atmosphere of silent, intense praying.

Palhinha: ouça 01. Helena Uesgocie, alleluia for St. Helen of Sweden

Vox Silentii
Anonymous, English
01. Helena Uesgocie, alleluia for St. Helen of Sweden
Anonymous, Finnish
02. Flavit auster, great responsory for St. Mary Magdalen
03. Beata mater Anna, great responsory for St. Ann
04. Ante thorum virginalem, sequence for St. Barbara (from the Codex Cumoensis, Kokemäki)
05. Vidi civitatem, great responsory for November 1
06. Spes datur omni populo, alleluia for the Visitation of St. Mary
07. Audi filia et vide, alleluia for St. Cecilia
08. Veni electa mea (alleluia), gradual (from the Uskela mass book)
Gregorian Chant
09. Salve sancta parens, introit for St. Mary
Anonymous, Finnish
10. Nobilis et pulchra, alleluia for St. Catherine of Alexandria
11. Stabat iuxta Christi crucem, sequence for the Compassion of St. Mary
12. Nigra sum sed formosa, antiphon for St. Mary
13. Gloria in excelsis, troped with “Per precem piissimam” (from the songbook of the church of Ilmajoki)
Gregorian Chant
14. Post dies octo, alleluia mode 8

Passio Sanctarum Filiarum: Medieval Chants for Female Saints – 2006
Vox Silentii

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