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Spanish & Portuguese Orchestral Music

Known as “The Spanish Mozart” after his premature death at the age of 19, Juan Crisóstomo Arriaga appears to us today as a talent of great promise. The precocious Symphony for large orchestra in D, a forerunner of Bizet’s youthful Symphony in C, inhabits a world somewhere between Mozart and the early Romanticism of Beethoven or Schubert, or even of Rossini, which had already pervaded Europe but had not yet reached the Iberian Peninsula. Completing the disc are works by a group of composers who illustrate a rare continuity in Portuguese music, from the prolific Carlos Seixas, highly esteemed by Scarlatti, to the two most important Portuguese operatic composers, João de Sousa Carvalho and Marcos Portugal.

Recorded at the University of the Algarve, Faro, Portugal from 16th to 22nd September, 2002, except “Overture: Los esclavos felices” recorded at Igreja do Carmo, Tavira, Portugal on 21st May, 2002.

Spanish & Portuguese Orchestral Music
Juan Crisostomo Arriaga (Bilbao, 1806 – Paris, 1826)
01. Overture, “Los esclavos felices”
02. Symphony in D – I Adagio – Allegro vivace
03. Symphony in D – II Andante
04. Symphony in D – III Minuetto
05. Symphony in D – IV Allegro con moto
José António Carlos de Seixas, (Coimbra, 1704 – Lisboa, 1742)
06. Sinfonia in B flat – I. Allegro
07. Sinfonia in B flat – II. Adagio
08. Sinfonia in B flat – III. Minuet: Allegro
João de Sousa Carvalho (Estremoz, 1745 – Alentejo, 1799)
09. Overture “L’amore industrioso” – I. Allegro con spirito
10. Overture “L’amore industrioso” – II. Andantino con moto
11. Overture “L’amore industrioso” – III. Allegro spiritoso
António Leal Moreira (Abrantes, 1758 – Lisboa, 1819)
12. Sinfonia (1803)
Marcos Antonio Portugal da Fonseca (Portugal, 1762-Rio, 1830)
13. Overture, “Il Duca di Foix”

Spanish & Portuguese Orchestral Music – 2002
Algarve Orchestra
Maestro Álvaro Cassuto

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  1. Achei este vídeo ( com os três quartetos de Arriaga no youtube. Me surpreendeu conhecer sua música, saber que nasceu exatamente 50 anos depois de Mozart (27 de janeiro de 1806) e morreu antes mesmo de completar seus 20 anos. A sinfonia em D deste disco postado é deslumbrante. Quem sabe este jovem compositor tivesse vivido mais tempo, hoje talvez figuraria entre os grandes mestres! Abraços e obrigado pela postagem!

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