.: interlúdio: Sun Ra live at the Gibus :.

Esta é uma postagem para ouvidos ousados. Sun Ra, o controverso anjo de Saturno, é conhecido por extrapolar os limites do free jazz e associá-lo a mitologias e cosmogonias. Em um registro ao vivo como esse de 1973, pode-se imaginar a que altura voa.

The best way to describe this music is to say it is out there on the fringes of all that has ever made any sense in recorded music, particularly jazz. There really is no other way to attempt to come up with something that makes sense. Sun Ra was a pioneer in every sense of the word. He was one of the very first to take free form jazz and make it more spacey and adventurous by experimenting with electronics and such.

Live In Paris At The “Gibus” stands as a live recorded document to the Sun Ra musical genius and his avant-garde approach to jazz. He effectively used the ability and styles of the genre and all its flexibility. (daqui)

Sun Ra – Live In Paris At The “Gibus” (320)
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download – 98MB
01 Spontaneous Simplicity 4′
02 Lights on a Satellite 5’25
03 Ombre Monde 2 12’15
04 King Porter Stomp 2’50
05 Salutations From The Universe 14’53
06 Calling Planet Earth 1’22

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