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Correndo e desastrado, trouxe o disco – mas não o texto. Peço licença e copio Larry Konigsberg, do All About Jazz – contrariando-o apenas no fato de que a faixa mais sensacional deste álbum é John’s Abbey, e tenho dito.

In one of their last performances before Jarrett’s illness took him from his public, his Standards Trio plays a typically inventive set of interpretations of tunes of former or perennial popularity, a Charlie Parker blues (”Billie’s bounce”) and a Bud Powell tune out of “I’ve got rhythm” (”John’s abbey”). Jarrett also gets credit for two compositions (”Caribbean sky” and “Song”), dignifying the vamps which conclude their associated standards with titles, and, no doubt, composer’s royalties. Throughout, Jarrett alternates sensitivity with flair, literally as he alternates ballads with up-tempo performances. It’s evident that his many years leading this group have not diminished his enthusiasm for either its format or its repertoire. The Tokyo audience is likewise appreciative.
I only found one track really galvanizing, though. The trio’s playing on “I’ll remember April” is spectacular, with DeJohnette cooking up a spectacular near-samba under Jarrett’s ringing gospel chords. A whole concert of such excitement would restore the Standards Trio to an eminence in this reviewer’s humble opinion which it enjoys among the more committed members of its audience. There’s nothing to complain about in any of the date, to be sure.
Knowledgeable fans will be interested to learn that Jarrett’s invariable vocalizations are here only intermittent and not generally obtrusive. For the rest, let it be said that the trio maintains its reputation as a consistently satisfying performing group.


Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock, Jack DeJohnette – Tokyo ’96
Keith Jarrett: piano
Gary Peacock: bass
Jack DeJohnette: drums
Produzido por Manfred Eicher para a ECM

download – 70MB
01 It Could Happen to You
02 Never Let me Go
03 Billie’s Bounce
04 Summer Night
05 I’ll Remember April
06 Mona Lisa
07 Autumn Leaves
08 Last Night When We Were Young/Caribbean Sky
09 John’s Abbey
10 My Funny Valentine/Song

Boa audição!

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  1. em tempo: tive problemas mais uma vez com os arquivos mp3 – a duração informada de cada faixa está errada, ainda que a música esteja completa. portanto coloque pra tocar e não se preocupe com numerozinhos 🙂

  2. Blue Dog, mais uma pérola do repertório jazzístico… adoro este trio, creio possuir toda sua discografia, não canso de ouvi-la, principalmente os da série At Blue Note, que voltarei a postar assim que possível.

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