G. F. Handel (1685-1759): Oratórios Saul & O Messias (ambos completos) (Jacobs)

G. F. Handel (1685-1759): Oratórios Saul & O Messias (ambos completos) (Jacobs)

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Não são quaisquer CDs. Trata-se de dois monumentos da literatura musical do ocidente, os oratórios “Saul” e “Messiah”, obras que sei que dispensam apresentações. Porém, em anexo aos arquivos segue um belíssimo booklet trilíngue, com direito ao libreto das obras para os senhores melhor compreenderem o que ouvem. A interpretação está ao cargo do excelente René Jacobs, um excepcional contra-tenor em sua juventude, e que depois de envelhecer se transformou num dos grandes regentes do repertório barroco e do classicismo à frente de excelentes orquestras especializadas em gravações ditas históricas. Com tal proposta, as orquestras tem poucos instrumentistas assim como os corais tem poucos cantores. Assim, alguns podem estranhar a sonoridade destas orquestras, acostumadas que podem estar com gravações das grandes orquestras e regentes.

G. F. Handel (1685-1759): Oratórios Saul & O Messias (ambos completos) (Jacobs)


Michal – Rosemary Joshua
Merab – Emma Bell
David – Lawrence Zazzo
Jonathan – Jeremy Ovenden
High Priest / Witch of Endor – Michael Slattery
Amalekite / Abner – Finnur Bjarnason
Doeg / Samuel – Henry Waddington
Saul – Gidon Saks
RIAS Kammerchor
Concerto Köln
Conductor – René Jacobs

Track List:
01.Symphony Allegro – Larghetto – Allegro – Andante larghetto
02.ACT ONE. Scene I. 1. Chorus How excellent Thy name, o Lord
03.2. Air Soprano An infant raised by thy command/ 3. Trio Alto, tenore, basso Along the monster atheist strode
04.4. Soprano, alto, tenore, basso The youth inspired by Thee, o Lord/ 5. Chorus How excellent Thy name, o Lord
05.Scene II. 6. Recit & 7. Air Michal He comes, he comes! – O God-like youth!/ 8. Recitative Abner, Saul, David Behold, o King, the brave, victorious youth
06.9. Air David O king, your favours with delights/ 10. Recitative Jonathan Oh early piety!
07.11. Air Merab What abject thoughts a prince can have!/ 12. Recitative Merab Yet think, on whom this honour you bestow
08.13. Air Jonathan Birth and fortune I despise!
09.14. Recitative High Priest Go on, illustrious pair!/ 15. Air High Priest While yet thy tide of blood runs high
10.16. Recitative Saul, Merab Thou, Merab, first in birth, be first in honour/ 17. Air Merab My soul rejects the thought with scorn/ 18. Air Michal See, with what a scornful air/ 19. Air Michal Ah, lovely youth, wast thou designed
11.20. Symphony Andante allegro/ 21. Recitative Michal Already see the daughters of the land/ Scene III. 22. Chorus Welcome, welcome, mighty king!
12.23. Accompagnato Saul What do I hear?/ 24. Chorus David his ten thousands slew/ 25. Accompagnato Saul To him ten thousands/ 26. Air Saul With rage I shall start burst his praises to hear
13.Scene IV. 27. Recitative Jonathan, Michal Imprudent women!/ 28. Air Michal Fell rage and black despair possessed
14.29. Recitative High Priest This but the smallest part of Harmony/ 30. Accompagnato High Priest By thee this universal frame
15.Scene V. 31. Recitative Abner Racked with infernal pains/ 32. Air David O Lord, whose mercies numberless
16.33. Symphony Largo/ 34. Recitative Jonathan ‘Tis all in vain, his fury still continues
17.35. Air Saul A serpent, in my bosom warmed/ 36. Recitative Saul Has he escaped my rage?
18.37. Air Merab Capricious man
19.Scene VI. 38. Accompagnato Jonathan O filial piety!/ 39. Air Jonathan No, cruel father, no!
20.40. Air High Priest O Lord, whose providence/ 41. Chorus Preserve him for the glory of Thy name
21.ACT TWO. Scene I. 42. Chorus Envy! Eldest born of hell!
22.Scene II. 43. Recitative Jonathan Ah! dearest friend/ 44. Air Jonathan But sooner Jordan’ stream, I swear
23.45. Recitative David, Jonathan Oh strange vicissitude!/ 46. Air David Such haughty beauties rather move

01.47. Recitative Jonathan My father comes/ Scene III. 48. Recitative Saul, Jonathan Hast thou obeyed my orders
02.49. Air Jonathan Sin not, o king, against the youth/ 50. Air Saul As great Jehovah lives/ 51. Air Jonathan From cities stormed, and battles won
03.Scene IV. 52. Recitative Jonathan, Saul Appear, my friend/ 53. Air David Your words, o king, my loyal heart/ 54. Recitative Saul Yes, he shall wed my daughter! 4.Scene V. 55. Recitative Michal A father’s will has authorised my love/ 56. Duet Michal, David O fairest of ten thousand fair/ 57. Chorus Is there a man
05.58. Symphony Largo – Allegro
06.Scene VI. 59. Recitative David Thy father is as cruel/ 60. Duet David, Michal At persecution I can laugh
07.Scene VII. 61. Recitative Michal, Doeg Whom dost thou seek/ 62. Air Michal No, no let the guilty tremble
08.Scene VIII. 63. Recitative Merab Mean as he was, he is my brother now/ 64. Air Merab Author of peace, who canst controul
09.Scene IX. 65. Symphony Allegro
10.66. Accompagnato Saul The time at length is come/ Scene X. 67. Recitative Saul, Jonathan Where is the son of Jesse?
11.68. Chorus Oh fatal consequence of Rage
12.ACT THREE. Scene I. 69. Accompagnato Saul Wretch that I am/ 70. Recit – Accompagnato Saul ‘Tis said, here lives a woman
13.Scene II. 71. Recitative Witch, Saul With me what would’st thou/ 72. Air Witch of Endor Infernal spirits
14.Scene III. 73. Accompagnato Samuel, Saul Why hast thou forced me from the realms of peace
15.74. Symphony Allegro
16.Scene IV. 75. Recitative David, Amalekite Whence comest thou?/ 76. Air David Impious wretch, of race accurst!
17.77. March Grave
18.Scene V. 78. Chorus Mourn, Israel
19.79. Air High Priest Oh let it not in Gath be heard
20.80. Air Merab From this unhappy day
21.81. Air David Brave Jonathan is bow never drew/ 82. Chorus Eagles were not so swift as they
22.83. Air Michal In sweetest harmony they lived!/ 84. Solo David and Chorus O fatal day!/ 85. Recitative Abner Ye men of Judah, weep no more!
23.86. Chorus Gird on thy sword, thou man of might


O Messias

Kerstin Avemo, soprano
Patricia Bardon, alto
Lawrence Zazzo, contre-ténor
Kobie van Rensburg, ténor
Neal Davies, basse
The Choir of Clare College
Freiburger Barockorchester
Direction – René Jacobs

Track List:
01. Sinfony
02. Accompagnato (tenor): Comfort y, my people, saith your God
03. Air (tenor): Every valley shall be exalted
04. Chorus: And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed
05. Accompagnato (bass): Thus saith the Lord of Hosts
06. Air (countertenor): But who may abide the day of His coming?
07. Chorus: And He sahll purify the sons of Levi
08. Recitative (alto): Behold, a virgin shall conceive/Air (alto) & Chorus: O, thou that tellest good tidings to Zion, arise
09. Accompagnato (bass): For behold, darkness shall cover the earth
10. Air (bass): The people that walked in darkness
11. Chorus: For unto us a child is born
12. Sinfonia pastorale/Recitative (soprano): There were shepherds abiding in the field And
13. Chorus: Glory to God in the highest
14. Air (soprano): Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion
15. Recitative (alto): Then shall the eyes of the blind be opened/ Air (alto & countertenor): He shall feed His flock like a shepherd
16. Chorus: His yoke is easy, and His burthen is light
17. Chorus: Behold the lamb of God
18. Air (alto): He was despised and rejected of men
19. Chorus: Surely He hath borne our griefs
20. Chorus: And with His stripes we are healed
21. Chorus: All we like sheep have gone astray

01. Accompagnato (tenor): All they that see Him laugh Him to scorn
02. Chorus: He trusted in God that He would deliver Him
03. Accompagnato (tenor): Thy rebuke hath broken His heart
04. Arioso (tenor): Behold and see if there be any sorrow
05. Accompagnato (soprano): He was cut off out of the land of the living / Air (soprano): But Thou didst not leave His soul in hell
06. Chorus: Lift up your heads, O ye gates
07. Recitative (tenor): Unto which of the angels said He at any time
08. Chorus: Let all the angels of God worship Him
09. Air (countertenor): Thou art gone up on high
10. Chorus: The Lord gave the world
11. Air (countertenor): How beautiful are the feet of them
12. Chorus: Their sound is gone out into all lands
13. Air (bass): Why do the nations so furiously rage together
14. Chorus: Let us break their bonds asunder
15. Recitative (tenor): He that dwelleth in heaven shall laugh them to scorn/Air (tenor): Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron
16. Chorus: Hallelujah!
17. Air (soprano): I know that my redeemer liveth
18. Chorus: Since by man came death
19. Accompagnato (bass): Behold, I tell you a mystery/Air (bass): The trumpet shall sound
20. Recitative (alto): Then shall be brought/ Duet (alto & tenor): O Death, where is thy sting?
21. Chorus: But thanks be to God who giveth us the victory
22. Air (countertenor): If God be for us, who can be against us?
23. Chorus: Worthy was the Lamb that was slain Amen


René Jacobs, um grande especialista na música vocal barroca
René Jacobs, um grande especialista na música vocal barroca